Corporate Diwali Green Gifts

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. From younger to older, everybody loves the festival of lights. The festival of lights “Diwali” is a time to gift something special for family and friends, and time for those beautiful gift boxes to arrive magically in your houses and office cubicle. 

Corporates in India also celebrate Diwali in full swing and show their appreciation for employees by giving them Gifts. The ideal corporate gifting option should convey a message of appreciation and regard and choosing the perfect corporate gift to convey the right message is a well thought out process

This Diwali instead of giving something that would be stashed away in cupboard, Why not gift your employees a Breath of Fresh Air and celebrate the true essence of Diwali – “Victory of Good heath over evil air pollution” that engulfed us during Diwali festival.

Gift your employees Air Purifier Indoor Plants packed in beautiful eco-friendly unique packaging.

Air Purifier Indoor Plants are natural air Purifiers recommended by NASA that improve indoor quality by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen. Placing a plant on employees’ desk reduce stress by up to 18% percent and improve concentration. These Green Diwali gifts are latest in trend and are incredibly cost effective and long lasting, along with that they provide numerous health benefits as well.

Haven’t yet decided or ordered your Diwali Gifts?  Go for these Unique Diwali Gifting Option and show your employees that you care for them and their health. You can chose different variety of Good Lucks and Air Purifier Plants like Syngonium ,Golden Pothos ,Peace Lily ,Aglaonema etc.

Gifting a plant is like gifting a life, a meaningful and a lasting impression that helps an organization projects its core vision, goals and values

NOW POT-li ( have collection of all indoor plants and provide plants in beautiful crafted ceramic pots that also add decor and liveliness to place where plant is kept.We also provide branding and customization of these green gifts like adding logo on packaging, planter, personalized Diwali wishes message etc

Let’s do something GOOD and GREEN this Diwali !!